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Amanda Kelsey


ISBN   978-0-9574726-3-1 (print)

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Genre(s): mystery, detective, series, Southern fiction
Killing Memories will be available in these formats: Paperback, PDF, ePub, Mobi (Kindle)


Something about the stranger’s interest made me cautious. After passing the Dahl’s place, I pulled off the gravel road onto a two-track I remembered that travelled into the woods a way then petered out at the spot where an old cabin had burned before I was born. As a teenager, I’d found it a great place for private time with my boyfriends. It served my current purpose, hiding my car from view of the road. I got out, closed the door quietly, and headed through the woods, cutting off the last corner before my driveway. I stopped a few feet back from the clearing where my house sat, seeing what I’d suspected I’d find.

A black Hummer sat in my driveway. The man I’d seen in town was doing as I’d done the day before, circling the house and peering in the windows. I tried to recall if I’d left any sign of my presence, but I didn’t think so. I hadn’t been inside that long. There were tire tracks in the drive, of course, but the house still looked abandoned.

Looking for one of Marta’s foster children, he’d said. A female. Was he a reporter who’d trailed me all the way from Richmond? Probably not. His license plate said he was from West Virginia.

As he came back around to the front of the house, I saw his face clearly. He looked like an outdoorsman, the kind who’s confident he can handle whatever Nature throws at him. He was handsome, his face deeply sun-tanned. Wide shoulders filled out his jacket in a way his tailor must have appreciated. Hearing his steps on the wooden porch, I noted expensive boots with square heels and narrow toes.

For some minutes the man surveyed the yard, as if taking in details of the closed outbuildings and the unbroken quiet. His gaze swept the tree line, and I froze as it seemed to stop at the spot where I stood. No, I told myself. He didn’t see you, and if you keep still, he won’t. It was hard to fight the urge to run, to avoid trouble, whatever this particular sort of trouble was. Beth urged calm, but Loser wanted to turn and flee, to keep running until she found anonymity in a big city with a park for sleeping and alleys for hiding.

In the end, Beth won, or maybe she delayed action long enough that it became unnecessary. The man made a move that signalled decision, pushing himself away from the porch post and heading for his vehicle. He drove onto the lawn to turn around rather than backing down the driveway. His tires spun ruts in the grass as he accelerated and then disappeared from sight.

I waited until the dust cloud he’d made settled and then turned back, making my way quietly through the trees until I reached my car. I sat in it for a while, wondering who the man had been looking for. If it was me, I couldn’t think of a reason.  All of Marta’s foster children were at least a decade gone. What had brought a stranger to the little town of Beulah and beyond it, to my front door?


The Loser Mysteries: Book Two

By Peg Herring

Loser returns to the hills where she was raised in search of peace, but even in the lovely little town of Beulah West Virginia, trouble manages to find her. When one of her fellow foster children, Nadine, returns to town, the secrets she carries with her will lead Loser into a tangle of deception.

Nadine hasn’t got much to say about why she’s back in Beulah, and her son Eddie might be just a little too good to be true. Still, Loser’s willing to help them—at least until Nadine pulls a disappearing act.

Each time Loser learns the answer to a question, another one arises. Why did Nadine run from a comfortable life and a successful husband? Is Eddie a good kid or an opportunistic manipulator? What happened in the town of Romulus that was worth killing for? And most important: Can Loser protect the innocent and at the same time preserve her own life, the life she’s only recently begun to want?

Killing Memories is the second book of The Loser Mysteries. The first book, Killing Silence, was rated by Lelia Taylor (Buried Under Books) as one of the Best Mysteries of 2012. “Once in a while, I come across a book that can only be called an unexpected gem. Killing Silence is one of those wonderful surprises. In many ways, it’s a standard mystery but Peg Herring has crafted a novel that is much more than just ‘standard.’”
Peg Herring is the author of the critically acclaimed Simon & Elizabeth Mysteries as well as the award-winning Dead Detective Mysteries. When they’re not exploring the world, Peg and her husband of many years live in northern Lower Michigan, where they garden for the benefit of local rabbits, deer, and elk.