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Erotic Romance and
Ultimate Justice
A Trey Fontaine Mystery
By Ryder Islington

Special Agent Trey Fontaine has his hands full as he tries to juggle three different sets of cases in his hometown. While healing from a bullet wound, and on limited duty, he is charged with helping find out what’s happening to young women who are disappearing without a trace. Can he stop the violence? Or will he only figure out the truth after someone he loves is dead?

  “The twists and turns of Islington’s excellent plot and dialogue will keep you on the edge of your chair as you turn page after page to find out what happens next.”

Bridget Gibson, Editor
The Times-Tribune - Grant City, Missouri

The first comprehensive treatment of the history of gay New Orleans drawn primarily from the recollections of dozens of gay men and women who lived it, Frank Perez and Jeffrey Palmquist weave a fascinating narrative of how gay New Orleans evolved throughout the twentieth century.  In Exile also illuminates the darkness in which ordinary gay people lived secret double-lives for decades and chronicles the social forces which ultimately enabled gay New Orleanians to live openly and honestly.
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The Sid Tillsley Chronicles – Book Three

By Mark Jackman

The final instalment in hilarious The Sid Tillsley Chronicles!

When the most prolific and lethal vampire hunter the world has ever known cancels his subscription to Tits, Middlesbrough locals know that something’s isn’t right.
And that’s an understatement...

Dead for the Money

A Dead Detective Mystery
By Peg Herring

When Dead Detective Seamus is asked to investigate the death of wealthy businessman William Dunbar, he agrees, but there is an additional request.
Will he take a detective-in-training along?
We are pleased to announce that Kathleen Kaska has TWO finalists for Best Non-Fiction in the 2013 EPIC eBook Awards!

The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography and Quiz Book

The Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book

ARIA: Left Luggage
By Geoff Nelder

Today, Jack caught a bug at work. He catches a bus home. By the time he disembarks in the desert town of Rosamond, all the other passengers and the driver have fuzzy heads. Jack had caught an amnesia bug, and it’s infectious.
Ghosty Images
By Peter Townsend

David Taylor didn’t believe in the paranormal when he reluctantly became a spirit photographer. When ominous shadows appear on the photographs of young women slain by the Whitby Ripper, David is forced to think the unthinkable. Could his camera possess psychic powers that can predict death and expose a killer?

The Loser Mysteries: Book One

An exciting new series
By Peg Herring

Murder at The Galvez
By Kathleen Kaska

Another hotel, another murder, another family crisis, another attempt on reporter Sydney Lockhart’s life. When she discovers that the unsolved murder of her grandfather eighteen years earlier is linked to a string of killings in Galveston, Texas, Sydney finds herself smack dab in the middle of Murder at The Galvez.

The Loser Mysteries: Book Two
By Peg Herring

Loser’s return to her old home town turns dangerous when a woman from the past asks for shelter and then disappears, leaving behind her teenage son. Loser is soon swept up in murder at a mysterious spot in the hills of West Virginia—a place she might never leave alive.

ARIA II : Returning Left Luggage
Book Two of the ARIA Trilogy
By Geoff Nelder

Never has Earth faced such problems. Survivors are either in hiding or slaves to aliens. How does Ryder’s group prevent ARIA-infected boat people invading their island? Something alien stirs in France where free students live off their wits. A sliver of hope in America but the mad doctor could ruin everything. Is a girl in Australia, Earth’s salvation? Never a dull moment as ARIA and Zadokians change Earth for ever.