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Free short story

“Viva La Vampire!”
by Mark Jackman.

A spin-off from
“The Great Right Hope”
A Fistful of Rubbers will be available in these Formats: Paperback, PDF, epub, Kindle (mobi)

The eagerly-awaited sequel to THE GREAT RIGHT HOPE is here!


A Fistful of Rubbers, by Mark Jackman


A Fistful of Rubbers is a cleverly crafted sequel to Jackman’s The Great Right Hope. It contains everything a vampire reader wants: action, adventure, humor, and most importantly, SHAGGING... (erm) slaying of all sorts. The ultimate vampire series. Howay the lads! A definite must read!!”

—Amy J. Ramsey, Ramsey’s Reviews/Midwest Book Review


Sid Tillsley is back!

And this time he’s not claiming benefits.


Sid is now a vampire-hunter, but even the coolest, most dangerous job in the world can’t get him a shag, forcing him into the more hazardous world of Internet dating.


His trusted friends are having a hard time too. Arthur Peasley is being nagged to death and regrets knocking up his vampire missus. Brian Garforth has the opposite problem; vampires are so allergic to his “special sauce” that even a visit to the clinic won’t save them. And then there’s Peter Rathbone, who is still a greasy, horrible little bastard. Meanwhile, the Human-Vampire Coalition has shut the local boozer forcing the lads to drink sub-standard ale!


But Sid has a fight coming. Something lurks in the shadows, or rather, the closet. A Northerner will punch anything in the face, but one thing he fears is a direct attack on his sexuality...and the Campire draws near.

Meanwhile, the psychotic vampire Gunnar Ivansey wants revenge. Sid hit Gunnar so hard in the nuts he’s never forgiven him. And with the death of vampire warlord Michael Vitrago, the floodgates are open for any vampire to enter Britain, the heart of the vampire nation, and wage war against humanity.

Can the Coalition prevent the vampire world from destroying mankind?

Can Sid get lucky on the Internet?

Can the Coalition use Sid to hunt Gunnar Ivansey?


Can Sid find a decent pint?


Until these questions are answered, does humanity have a chance if its only hope is Sid’s great right hook...and a fistful of rubbers?


$14.99 - paperback
£9.99 - paperback
$5.99 - eBook
A FISTFUL OF RUBBERS paperback, and get
(eBook delivered separately by email)
Cover art and design ©2014 by

Patrick JP Currier, www.patrickjpcdesign.com

302 pages, 115,034 words

Genres: horror, humor, vampires

ISBN: 978-0-9905655-4-3 |
It's the ALL NEW Sid Tillsley Chronicles! Revised, re'vamped', and re-released Oct 2014!  
Now with extra humour!"

M J Jackman is one of the most talented, exciting, and hilarious writers to explode onto the fiction scene in the twenty-first century,” was what Jackman hoped to read in the papers after the release of The Sid Tillsley Chronicles. He hoped his mastery of the written word and his elegant wit would bring celebrity status, which, in turn, would bring fast women, hard drugs and liquor, and then slower, more understanding women.


To date, he has successfully installed a decking area into his garden.


You can follow Jackman’s antics on Twitter (@Mark_Jackman) and Sid’s antic’s on Facebook (search Sid Tillsley Chronicles)


Oh, and he’s gone back to university to be a “mature student.” And, no, he hasn’t gone back to learn how to write (arsewipe!).


He gets an NUS discount.


Even his own characters would hate him.