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Patrick JP Currier,

293 pages, 111,728 words

Genres: horror, humor, vampires

ISBN:  978-0-9905655-6-7 |   
978-0-9905655-7-4 (ebook)
Acracknophobia will be available in these Formats: Paperback, PDF, epub, Kindle (mobi)


The Sid Tillsley Chronicles – Book Three


By Mark Jackman



The end is near...


When the most prolific and lethal vampire hunter the world has ever known cancels his subscription to Tits, Middlesbrough locals know that something isn’t right.


And that’s an understatement...


The vampire nation is ready to launch an assault on mankind.  The Coalition, a council of vampires and humans formed to hide the existence of the vampire, are almost powerless to stop them. They have one hope, not a person, but a molecule: Haemo, a drug that quells the vampire’s need to feed. If Haemo doesn’t work and the vampires take to the streets life will never be the same again.


Unfortunately, Sid Tillsley cannot be called upon, and it wasn’t even the vampires who cancelled his subscription to his all-time favourite periodical. Sid has got a job, is paying taxes, has stopped smoking and drinking, and hasn’t had a kebab in over a month! But why?


Vampires would never be so cruel. Such devilry can only be the work of womenfolk...



The third and (due to popular demand) final volume in

The Sid Tillsley Chronicles

M J Jackman is one of the most talented, exciting, and hilarious writers to explode onto the fiction scene in the twenty-first century,” was what Jackman hoped to read in the papers after the release of The Sid Tillsley Chronicles. He hoped his mastery of the written word and his elegant wit would bring celebrity status, which, in turn, would bring fast women, hard drugs and liquor, and then slower, more understanding women.


To date, he has successfully installed a decking area into his garden.


You can follow Jackman’s antics on Twitter (@Mark_Jackman) and Sid’s antic’s on Facebook (search Sid Tillsley Chronicles)


Oh, and he’s gone back to university to be a “mature student.” And, no, he hasn’t gone back to learn how to write (arsewipe!).


He gets an NUS discount.


Even his own characters would hate him.

$14.99 -Paperback
£9.99 - Paperback
$5.99 - eBook
It's the ALL NEW Sid Tillsley Chronicles! Revised, re'vamped', and re-released Oct 2014!
Now with extra humour!