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Amanda Kelsey

ISBN:  9780957152748 (print) / 9780957152755 (ebook)

256 pages / 50k words

Genres:  mystery, suspense, horror, trivia, nonfiction, crosswords, quizzes, classic movies, horror movies, film history, pop culture

Tags: Alfred Hitchcock, trivia, classic films

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The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography and Quiz Book

(Second Edition)

By Kathleen Kaska



“A must for any fan of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and movie history. The quizzes are fun and challenging–and the surrounding text provides a wealth of information on the life/work of the revered filmmaker. A real treat for pop culture enthusiasts!”

—James Robert Parish, author of The Hollywood Book of Scandals



Think you know everything there is to know about genius filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and his film and television legacy?


Think again!


The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography and Quiz Book asks over one thousand challenging questions about the Master of Suspense. It contains true/false, multiple choice, and matching quizzes on all fifty-three of Hitchcock’s films, as well as his television show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and his personal life.


Each chapter also contains a trivia section with behind-the-scenes anecdotes, casting choices, quips and quotes, and awards and achievements. A filmography, videography, and a chronology of his life round out this entertaining and unique reference book.

Kathleen Kaska is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, travel articles, and stage plays. She has just completed her most challenging endeavor, The Man Who Saved the Whooping Crane, a true story set in the 1940s and 50s, about Audubon ornithologist Robert Porter Allen whose mission was to journey into the Canadian wilderness to save the last flock of whooping cranes before encroaching development wiped out their nesting site, sending them into extinction. Published by University Press of Florida, the book is scheduled for release in 2012.


Kathleen also writes the award-winning Sydney Lockhart Mystery Series set in the 1950s when women were caught between the dichotomy of career and marriage; when fashion exploded with a never-before-seen flair; and movies and music had the country dancing with gusto. Her first mystery, Murder at the Arlington, won the 2008 Salvo Press Manuscript Contest. This book, along with her second mystery, Murder at the Luther, was selected as a bonus-book for the Pulpwood Queen’s Book Group, the largest book group in the country.

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