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The Agatha Christie
Triviography and Quiz Book
(Second Edition)
$5.99 (eBook)
The Alfred Hitchcock
Triviography and Quiz Book (Second Edition)
$5.99 (eBook)
The Classic Mystery Triviography Series – by Kathleen Kaska
These trivia books will appeal to Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, and
Sherlock Holmes fans of all ages, as well as trivia enthusiasts,
mystery buffs, and lovers of classic films.

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The Sherlock Holmes
Triviography and Quiz Book (Second Edition)
$5.99 (eBook)

Buy all three trivia books and save money
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$12.97 (eBook)
SAVE $5!
Please note, due to the overall download size of the trivia eBook bundle, please select your preferred format from the list to the right. If you require additional formats of the bundle, please email us and we will send these to you